University Master in Urgencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes


 In the sphere of Urgencies Medicine, the quality health care assistance arrives today to the patient’s home and our professionals must be firmly prepared to identify and treat any critical situation that could arise not only in an hospital environment but also outside, even in situations of special operational difficulty such as incidents with multiple victims.

Thanks to the development of coordination centres of extra-hospital urgencies, the movement of health care resources is done with tremendous promptness. The medical attention in those first minutes of uncertainty is going to make a condition on, without any doubt, the evolution of the patient. Thus, the physician must be fully trained and prepared.

The professionals in urgencies demand a specific learning that, nowadays, is set apart of the current plans of MIR training. The on-hand skills in the different aspects of the assistance are, most of the times, put into the background and other courses must be done in an individual way.

Our goal is to gather all this knowledge and skills in this Master of Medicine in Urgencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes in order to prepare professionals who could work in the urgent health care assistance with rigour and safety.

San Pablo-CEU University joins the Service SUMMA 112 of Madrid, the Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón and TASSICA Emergency Training &Research in order to carry out this Master and guarantee the training of doctors in this emerging field.

Our professors, all and each of them are professionals of wide expertise in training, who continue developing their assistance labour in the main systems of medical emergencies of the country at both levels: inside and outside the hospital and in the civil and military sphere. 


  • First Official Master of this issue adapted to EEES (European Space of High Education), which gives credit to the students’ training all over Europe,
  • It guarantees the demanded requirements of the accreditation agencies for the recognition of the professional competence in any activity related to the patient transportation. 

Teaching/training Activities

 The activities framed within the Curriculum of the Master are:

    Theoretical In-class sessions

    Rotations in mobile devices of emergencies and hospital institutions

    Theoretical and practicum in simulation environments:

        Adult RCP and SVA (BLS)

        Paediatrics RCP and Neonatal

        Pre-hospital trauma attention

        Course of diagnostic sonography (ultrasounds)

        Multiple Victims Assistance

The practicum will be done in the Servicio de Urgencias Médicas SUMMA112 (Medical Urgencies Service SUMMA112), in public hospitals in the Community of Madrid, and those of the group. There will be a tutor who will be in charge of each student in every rotation. They will be  mandatory in-class sessions from Monday to Sunday in working days of 6 to 12 hours (with the perceptive periods to rest between working days) during day hours. The people in charge when organizing this practicum will be the students’ tutors in agreement with the Masters’ coordinators.  

Career Prospects

 This Master provides medical personnel with the necessary training in order to exercise in an efficient manner their professional services in:

    Pre-hospital  Services in Medical Emergencies

    Urgencies Services of Primary Health Care

    Hospital Urgencies Services

   Intervention and Rescue

    Care response organisms in disasters

    Civil Protection Services

    Red Cross, etc.


 Taking into account what has been established in the Royal Decree 1393/2007 (art. 16), the students who want to access this programme must be in possession of any of the degrees below:

   Official Spanish university degree in Medicine and Surgery.

    Degree of any High Education Institution of the European Space of High Education that allows the access to this Master.

   Degree of any Educational institution not belonging to the European Space of High Education, with no need of homologation,  and previously proved by the University that grants a equivalent educational level of the correspondent Official Spanish university degrees that allows the access to this Master.

These last two accesses will be possible as long as the students can prove to be fluent in the Spanish language.

8.950 €